Finding the Right Restoration Company

The right time to find a restoration company is not when you are standing in 6 inches of water when a pipe breaks, or when faced with smoke damage from a kitchen fire. The right time to find a restoration company you can trust is right now – before you are faced with the stress of damage, repairs, and insurance claims.


But how do you find a reputable and trustworthy restoration company? Use these six tips to locate a restoration services company you can trust:


  1. Look for Certifications. There are several industry agencies that provide certifications to restoration companies. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the most respected organization in the restoration industry. Professionals from around the country make up the IICRC and determine industry best practices. The IICRC offers courses for restoration professionals to improve their skills and become subject matter experts. IICRC certifications ensure you have hired a well-trained, certified restoration professional that you can trust to restore your home to its original condition.


  1. Licenses and Insurance. Be sure the restoration company you select is licensed by area governing bodies and has insurance. This protects you in case of additional damages and gives you recourse against shoddy work.


  1. Contracts and Pricing. Be sure the company you choose clearly communicates pricing by providing written estimates. Also, make sure your choice has a contract and thoroughly explains the restoration process to you.


  1. Understand your options. Some homeowners opt to call their insurance company immediately when faced with a broken pipe or roof leak. Your insurance company may give you contact information for their providers. Often times, these providers are franchises of larger, nation wide companies. These companies frequently subcontract their labor. This means the contractor who arrives to complete your restoration repair is not an employee of the restoration company, and could be unlicensed to complete the restoration of your home. Be sure to ask any provider you contact if they use subcontract labor and how they ensure the qualification and licensing of the individuals they hire. Be sure to also ask if they process a background check for their employees. This will ensure you have a quality repair by someone you can trust.


You are not obligated to select your insurance company’s recommendation and can directly hire a company of your choice. Talk to your insurance agent in advance of an emergency to understand how your policy works and what it covers. Many restoration companies work directly with your insurance provider, utilizing the same software insurers to expedite your claim and to make your claim process seamless.


  1. Ask for references. The restoration companies you are researching should have local references. Contact the references they provide to ensure job completion and customer satisfaction. Also, you can check the company’s reviews by utilizing websites like Google and the Better Business Bureau. Many companies also have social media sites, like Facebook, with options to leave reviews.


  1. Fast Response. Because broken pipes and floods can happen at any time, you should pick a water damage restoration company with emergency services and guaranteed response times. It is critical to have a restoration company that can respond quickly in order to contain further damage and start the restoration process.


Floors To Ceiling Restoration is a full-service property damage restoration company locally owned and operated in Little Elm, Texas. Founded in 2003, we specialize in water, fire, and storm damage restoration and rebuild. Our service area includes Dallas, Collin, and Denton counties.

We are licensed and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IIRC) in Water and Fire Property Damage Restoration.  We adhere to industry standards based on the most reliable water and property damage restoration guidelines.

We have 24 hour emergency services with a 1 hour guaranteed response time. We work with all insurance companies to expedite your claims.