Home Inventory App Review

Looking for a home inventory app to record your stuff in case of an emergency? We’ve done some research and reviewed three for you!

  1. Liberty Mutual Home Gallery.  Liberty Mutual Home Gallery app is a good, quick way to take an inventory of your possessions for replacement value in case of an emergency. However, there is no cloud back up and that can make this difficult to access if something happens to your phone during an emergency. The Liberty Home Gallery App is available for Apple and Android devices and you don’t have to be a Liberty Mutual Customer to use it. With the Home Gallery app, you can:
  • Take photos of your belongings
  • Catalog each item by room and/or category
  • Add item details or scan item barcode for images and descriptions
  • Capture an item by importing photos from your phone
  • Note purchase price, purchase date and/or take photos of the receipt for each item
  • Track items in multiple properties or homes
  • Quickly browse a gallery of your belongings
  • Export your inventory as a spreadsheet or PDF for easy sharing or as a backup in case your device is ever lost or damaged


  1. GetBelongings.com. GetBelongings.com is an app for both Apple and Android that allows you to record your belongings just like Liberty Mutual Home Gallery. Features we like include:
  • QuickAdd feature. The most efficient way to start adding items is to log into your Belongings account and click on QuickAdd. The QuickAdd feature is basically an spreadsheet where you can quickly navigate using the [TAB] key and add items with simply their name and price.
  • It helps you start your listing very efficiently from your computer, when you’re done, take your phone out and attach pictures to your items.
  • Processing each room individually – For GetBelongings.com you don’t need a picture for each item, you can photograph your library just once and then use the same picture for every book or DVD you scan. The easiest way we found to process each room individually is to take 4 – 5 shots per rooms and assign every items you can see in that room.
  • Import from Excel. If you’ve already started to list your belongings after a meeting with your insurance agent, you can copy and paste your Excel spreadsheet into the GetBelongings.com import feature.
  • Nowadays, we buy most of our stuff online, from books to computers to furniture. You can download the GetBelongings.com Chrome Extension and whenever you’re on Amazon, BestBuy etc., you’ll be able to add an item in a simple click when you purchase it. This is very convenient!


  1. KnowYourStuff.org. Knowyourstuff.org has similar functions as the other two apps we reviewed. However, we like this one the best. Here’s why:
  • Can access your information from any device, phone, or computer
  • Can enter in multiple properties
  • Can enter in multiple policies
  • Stores your policy and insurance contact information
  • Extremely user friendly and intuitive for entering in possessions and photographs
  • Can also opt-in to receive severe weather alerts to know when to prepare

These are just a few of the apps out there to inventory your belongings. We recommend checking with your homeowner’s insurance agent to see what apps or programs they suggest. Need more info? Check out this article from Techlicious on more programs: http://www.techlicious.com/how-to/the-best-apps-for-creating-a-home-inventory/